Reality of cyberwar : how to paralyze the usa really

« Cyber warfare » and « cyberattacks » : the reality on the ground
How can cyberattacks paralyse a country ?
Over the last decade, armed forces and their governments all around the world at the instigation of the United States – have begun to reflect upon the evolution of the war concept and more precisely on cyber warfare. It comes out from their discussions that future wars would mainly take place on digital space: attacks would use malicious codes or zero day exploits. From the perspectives, cyber weapons such as like Stuxnet, Aurora , Duqu, Regin, Babar or GrayFish1 are the most significant and dangerous innovation in the 21 st century.

By Eric Filiol


Eric Filiol is a senior consultant in offensive cybersecurity and intelligence. He spent 22 years in the French Army (Infantry/Marine Corps). He holds an Engineer diploma in Cryptology, a PhD in applied mathematics and computer science and a Habilitation Thesis in Computer Science. He is graduated from NATO in InfoOps. He is the Editor-in-chief of the Journal in Computer Virology. He has been a speaker at international security events including Black Hat, CCC, CanSecWest, PacSec,, Brucon, H2HC…

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